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TacStar  Tactical Shotgun Accessories include Shotgun pistol grips, Heat shields, Shot shell holders, Light Holders and other Law enforcement equipment.   Also check out the Advanced Technologies Shotguns Accessories for High quality Shotgun Accessories at the most reasonable pricing structure.

tacstarmed..jpg (400x241 -- 32615 bytes)TacStar product is well made, durable and adds a nice tactical look to your shotgun. As a side note many states will classify your shotgun as a handgun when you remove the butt stock and replace with a rear pistol grip.

Tac Sling: Our Tactical Shotgun Sling is made from heavy black one-inch nylon webbing with high strength buckles, loops and a Velcro®  fastener. It was originally developed for pistol gripped shotguns, but it fits a variety of firearms as well.

The forward sling loop is adjustable to fit any attachment point on the firearm. This unique design incorporates a slip-loop for a closer fit to the body and allows the shotgun to be carried in a variety of positions. (Mounting brackets and swivels not included).


6 or 4 Shot Side Saddle:  The patented TacStar SideSaddle mounts 6 extra rounds on your shotgun in a convenient and accessible location for fast reloading. The Hytrel® polymer shell carrier is attached to an aluminum mounting plate that installs directly on the shotgun receiver. All mounting screws are included, no gunsmithing required. Installation is easy, and in most cases requires no alterations to the shotgun. Note: some field grade shotguns may require a modification to the shotgun’s forend. Shotguns using the TacStar pistol grip forend do not require modification. The 4-round SideSaddle will also work smoothly with all models without modification $24.95
Magazine Extensions:  TacStar™ Magazine Extensions are machined from chrome moly steel tubing for extreme durability.

The seven-shot extension allows for two extra rounds, the eight-shot adds three and the ten-shot adds five more rounds to the shotgun’s capacity.  Ten-shot extensions include a Barrel/Magazine Clamp and all extensions include a new spring. New Parkerized Magazine Extensions for Remington 7 & 8 Shot Models.

Front and Rear Grips:  Designed with the proper width, rearward angle and back swell to distribute recoil energy evenly into both hands resulting in greater speed, accuracy and control when shooting.  Injection-molded from a high-impact ABS polymer, Tactical Shotgun Grips include all the necessary hardware for quick and easy installation and require no alterations to the shotgun. Front and rear grips sold separately. $22.95
Universal Barrel Shroud:  Our Universal Barrel Shroud fits most 12 gauge pump shotguns. It is machined from all-steel with a black oxide finish. It is 13¾" in length and designed with a circular friction-fit bracket at the rear and a locking clamp at the front for a recoil resistant fit on the barrel. $23.95


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TacStar Product Evaluation

   We've sold and used the TacStar product for a number years. 

Sling: Durable, only negative is that you must use the optional barrel band used to stabilize the extended magazine tubes.

Magazine Extensions: Great item, remember it is a matte parkerized finish so it may look a little funny on a wingmaster. Also if you have a Remington Exp. model you will have to grind down the two little nubs inside the shotguns mag tube. Otherwise it will not hold more rounds.

Side Saddles: Easy install and fits great, note do not over tighten the install screws.

Barrel Shroud: Easy install, just take care not to scratch the barrel when slipping over the rear end of the barrel.

Front and Rear Grips: Rear grips very easy install. The front can be a pain in the backside. You will have to remove the shotguns magazine tube. You will need to unscrew the magazine tube in order to remove the forearm. We use a span type wrench that allows us to remove it without taking off the tube.

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