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Cop Gear is honored to be factory direct Law Enforcement Suppliers of Aimpoint, Aimshot, Crimson Trace Laser Grips, Eotech Optics, Lasermax Internal Lasers and Leupold  optics.  We stock the full line of Lasermax, Aimshot and Crimson trace lasers. Cop Gear keeps most of the Eotech and Aimpoint optics in inventory and can special order for you the few that we do not stock. We recommend the CQT from the Leupold lineup of optics if you have a need for variable target acquisition.

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Aimshot Lasers


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Crimson Trace

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A.R.M.S. Mounts

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This page shows an example of the quality optics Cool Cop Gear stocks that not only can be utlized on your AR15/M16 many of them will work well on your handgun, hunting rifle or sporting arm. To see the product details simply click on the image of the product.

Our staff has personal and/or on duty experience with all the products we bring to you for consideration.  Not one of these optics has failed to meet the factory promises. On my 20" Flat top A3 I have the Leupold CQT mounted on the carry handle and the Eotech on an A.R.M.S throw lever mount.  This way the A3-AR15 is multi-purpose . I am utilizing an Aimpoint on my 11" Bushmaster mounted forward on the Surefire M73 picatinny forearm. On the same grip is the new 12mW Green Laser from Aimpoint and a Surefire Tac Light. All this is topped off with the Advanced Armament Quick disconnect M4-2000 suppressor.   Most of my guys (and gals) duty Glocks have lasermax's installed ( most of my employees also serve warrants). Only a couple guys have the crimson trace laser grips on the odd SW J-frame. Of course our Companies tactical instructors say the only optic for an AR15 is the Eotech. So now it's up to you to decide what will work for you. Good Luck.




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