The insighttechnology Rail Mount M6 Tactical Laser Illuminator by Insight Technology Inc.

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 M3  and M3X Tactical weapons Lights are manufactured by Insight Technologies and marketed by insighttechnology. The M6 series lights are no longer affiliated with insighttechnology. The original manufacturer and insighttechnology no longer have a business relationship. We are now a direct dealer with Insight Technology  products and will offer there superior tactical lights and lasers at the lowest allowable prices.

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M6 Laser/Light M6X Laser/Light
The M6 Tactical Laser Illuminator an integrated laser/white light combo at the price of a laser alone...  The M6 Tactical laser/flashlight offers a uniquely intergrated, high power, visible laser combined with a high-intensity, white light in a military proven design. Light weight and value priced.
  • Visable Aming
  • Visible Illuminator (flashlight)
  • Attachment and detachment in less than w seconds
  • Optional cable switch available
  • Compact design ideal for concealed carry
  • Highly accurate boresight repeatablity
  • Four position master switch (Illuminator only, visible laser only, dual and off)
  • More than 1 hour continuous run time in dual mode, more than 24hours in "laser only" mode


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 M6X offers a peak output of 125 lumens and a minimum run time of one full hour.   The Shock Suppression System built into the X-Series protects the xenon-filled incandescent lamp from the abuse of recoil and impact. The enhanced MIL-SPEC design allows the airtight X-Series to be exposed to the world's harshest environments, be it a blinding desert sand storm or swimming to a depth of 66 feet in salt water. The patented Slide-Lock interface allows instant, tool-free mounting and removal from any tactical pistol or shoulder fired weapon equipped with rails or a rail adapter. The Rail-Grabber interface provides an even higher level of accuracy and reliability. If you have a real need for a quality Laser-light combo, you do yourself a favor and check out the M6x



Due to contractual obligations we can only show the Minimum advertised price. Please see checkout below for your price





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M6 vs M6X Tactical Light



Run Time:

Peak Output:

Light Range:


Battery Type:



Temp. Range:

Laser Output:

Laser wavelength:

Laser Boresight Retention:

3.4" (L) x 1.57" (W) x 1.9" (H)

3.7 ounces (with battery)

Minimum 60 minutes continuous

80-90 lumens

30 Meters

Tungsten halogen, xenon filled

2  3V Lithium




max) 3.0 3.5mw


< 1" at 25m


3.4"(L) x 1.6"(W0 x 1.6"(H)

3.9 ounces (with battery)

Minimum 60 minutes continuous

125 lumens

30 meters

Incandescent, xenon-filled

(2)  3V lithium

6 DC


-32*C to +65*C

(max) 3.0 3.5mw


< 1" at 25m