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You've made the decision to purchase one of the finest handguns available to both Civilians and Law Enforcement professionals, a Glock.

Although as advertised the Glock is Perfection, you want to add some accessories to you gear bag.   Some of the accessories are because you have a real need and the others just because you can, we can go  both ways and have. We are honored to bring to you what we consider to be the highest quality accessories available for your Glock handguns.

  What you will not find in our warehouse is the aftermarket internal parts that so many others attempt to sell you.  We are Glock armors for both Law Enforcement and civilian market. At no time during the Glock classes do you need a file or emery cloth. The only time the so called part swappers need these tools is when they try to sell you aftermarket internal parts. The reason being the aftermarket parts must  avoid patient  infringements  by over sizing their  parts.  As Glock armors, NRA instructors, Certified Law Enforcement Instructors, Certified Gunsmiths and Competition shooters we can see no justification to adding the aftermarket parts. .Such as titanium internals, metal guide rods and parts, non-factory trigger parts etc. They tout these parts as making your Glock shoot better or easier.  Yes, you will find people who will tell you that they are the best thing they ever tried. However, when at competitions or when we set up at many of the GSSF shoots as the authorized LE distributor the only Glocks that seem to malfunction are the ones that someone has whored up with aftermarket internals.  The decision to purchase them is now up to you. We contend that the Glock straight from the factory works as well as it  need to. " You point it at body mass, squeeze the trigger and the bullet hits the target where you point it!"   NO AFTERMARKET PART can make up for training, proper technique and quality repeated practice! Yes, we have these parts available to us. We simply chose not to screw the public with them, so it is not sour grapes that causes us to disallow the aftermarket internals.  Not to mention it will void you warranty in most cases. The only aftermarket internal part that Glock recommends is the Lasermax internal  laser. We have many years and thousands of rounds of positive experience with this product.

Now that we have that off our chests we invite you to review the quality Glock accessories from the leaders of the Firearms Industry at the lowest Factory authorized prices. ( Sounds impressive, doesn't it?)

Last update 10-25-2007