Eberlestock M3 Operator  Special Ops Backpack System - The ulitmate go to battle backpack.

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Eberlestock G4 Operator the Ultimate Battle Backpack

"We introduce McMillan Tactical Gear by Eberlestock with the launch of what many willEberlestock M3 Operator backpack is a perfect field prone rifle position. see as the ultimate scout/sniper pack, the M3 Operator.  It represents everything that Eberlestock has learned about the needs of the professional military sniper community.  It is a true go-to-war pack, derived from the lessons learned from our Phantom and Gunslinger products, and augmented with the first-hand knowledge of the Navy SEAL who is at the helm of McMillan Tactical.  Together, we think we're going to rock some boats with gear that the free world's warriors desperately need.  Have we Backview of the Eberlestock M3 operator backpack system.succeeded?  We invite you to be the judge." Excerpt from Eberlestock Factory website.

The Eberlestock M3 Operator is a behind-the-torso pack, and places the weight of your weapon right along your center-of-gravity.

When shooting from the pack, you have direct access to all of the pockets.  The side pockets peel back to expose PALS-type webbing that can be used to mount ammo or other items. The Operator hasClick on image to view the M3 Operator backpack description details. elements similar to other Eberlestock packs.  Its layout is much like the Phantom, but it's bigger and has a two-chamber main compartment, plus the outer front pockets.  Like the Gunslinger, the Operator's pack bag and Backscabbard™ are sewn integrally together.  They built the pack to satisfy the reality that a classic "drag bag" is rarely likely to be used by a modern military scout or sniper, and we gain some benefits of simplicity and weight savings by integrating the whole package into a single unit.

We do not believe you have to be gearing up for a Swat Mission or to be Deployed to appreciate the quality and utilitarian use of the M3 Operator. The M3 Operator makes a perfect backpack for Hunting, Camping or the ultimate Bug out Bag.


Eberlestock M3 Operator Backpack systems

Three hundred and forty nine dollars is a a great price for just a high quality Backpack - However when you buy an Eberlestock Backpack system you get more than a  Backpack - it is a Rifle Rest and a Empty hand weapon carry system. The weapon carry system can also be used to carry any long gear that won't fit in the ordinary backpack - Such as tent poles - Tripods - Surveying Equipment and more.

   Your price $399.95

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