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Gunslinger backpack rifle carry system.They have several innovative products that are gaining attention in the tactical community.  Their tough and versatile backpacks, featuring the patented Quickdraw Back scabbard, are a revolutionary alternative to drag bags, and are an immediate solution to missions where carriage of more than one gun is necessary, or where putting your long gun in a readily accessible place is needed.  They're also the best option for carrying your gear and weapon completelyEberlestock Phantom backpack systems. enclosed in a conventional-appearing backpack. Recently we've added the new M3 Operator and DragonFly backpack systems from Eberlestock.

Eberlestock Special Operations backpacks display versatility and Eberlestock Skycrane backpacks.flexibility for a variety missions, and go far beyond anything in prior existence in terms of their function, features, and design.  At their heart is a philosophy that seeks agility and performance, and a fundamental belief in the importance of quality.  We know where these packs are bound for.  We expect them to be reliable in the far and desolate reaches of our planet, because we care about the people that will be using them. 

We've had the opportunity to field test the Eberlestock backpacks and haveEberlestock High performace gear used by Law Enforcement tactical teams. nothing to say negative about the product. We think by adding a few of the Maxpedition accessory pouches to the backpacks we made them a perfect system.  We've been able to put them in the field to test with a local Swat team, Overseas in Iraq and for local Coyote hunting.


Look for new Eberlestock accessory pouches in the near future. Glen Eberlestock is R&Ding a line up of super quality accessory pouches to enhance an already excellent backpack system.

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  Phantom Gunslinger
M3 Operator
Last update 10-25-2007