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Cop Gear stocks a Full line of Firearms  accessories at discounted prices for Law Enforcement Professionals and Qualified Citizens

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Handgun Accessories
Don't cross the line without the proper equipment from Cool cop gear

Cool Cop Gear stocks the full line of Advantage Arms 22lr Conversions and MechTech Carbine conversions for Glock and 1911 style handguns.  Use the Advantage Arms 22lr conversions to lower your cost of practice or to aid in training.  By adding a MechTech Carbine conversion to your Glock or 1911 allows you to have a low cost carbine for that little extra long shot. A couple of our guys are officers in a rural setting and use the MechTech carbine conversions on their Glock 23 frames. The carbine conversions are great for dispatching the occasional wild dog or coy dog out  in a corn field. Not to mention it would give an officer a little more distance in the event a shooter is a bit farther away than you are comfortable with a handgun shot ( Please note*** We still prefer an AR15 M4 style rifle as a squad rifle, however some departments still do not authorize the use of same)

LESightsRightSidesmall.jpg (150x122 -- 5716 bytes)Advantage Arms 22lr LE conversion is available for most Glock  and 1911 handguns. Cool Cop Gear stocks the LE version only as it looks exactly like the factory upper.

We can special order the Target model for you, factory turn around time is about 8 weeks on special orders


Advantage Arms

(Glock 26,27,33) , (Glock 19,23,32) , ( Glock 17,22,31,37)  (Glock20,21) , (Glock 29,30) , (1911)

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( The image to the left pictures the optional sight rail, aftermarket scope and flashlight)

MechTech Carbine Conversions for full size 1911s and Glock Full-size and Mid-size Handguns. The purchase of the MechTech conversions do not require an FFL. (However it is illegal to have one installed in California.) The installation of the Mechtech system is easy and straight forward without the need of any tools.

MechTech Carbine Conversions

 Cop Gear's Midwest warehouse has on hand one of the largest Firearms Accessory inventories available to the Law enforcement professional and serious citizen. Our buyers are searching everyday for new "quality" accessories for your favorite firearm.  We not only stock all factory accessories, we are direct dealers for many of the firearms aftermarket accessory manufacturers. You will find the categories broken down into handgun accessories, shotgun accessories and AR15 accessories (Rifle Accessories). Beneath the categories you will find the manufacturers for each group of firearms accessories:  AR15 Accessories,  Handgun Accessories and Shotgun Accessories. You will find that Cool Cop Gear stocks one of the most comprehensive group of firearms accessories at fair prices with top of the line service.         



Featured Products.


Shotgun Accessories Shotgun accessories for the professional operator and the discriminating civilian.

from Advanced Technologies

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Although we do have one of the largest  inventories of all listed items there are times due to "Supply vs Demand" that Cop Gear will be temporarily out of stock.  Should this occur we will notify you within 12 hours of you placing your order. Most of the manufacturers are able to re-supply our warehouse within 7 days, unless it is a very high demand item for the manufacturer.

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