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If you enjoy shooting, need to practice more or just want a new toy check out the Advantage Arms 22lr conversion for your Glock or full size 1911 handguns.  The Advantage Arms 22lr conversions give you the look and feel of your original handgun.  The Glock LE conversions will utilize any factory or aftermarket sights. The Advantage Arms conversion for the Glock handguns are designed to work on factory handguns. The use of aftermarket parts may cause operation issues. We have over 13,000 rounds thru our Glock 19 conversion that is utilized in our training division.  This is a great training tool when you have a student who is recoil sensitive or just plain scared to death of a handgun. The only problems we  experienced has been dirt related. Like all 22lr handguns you need to keep it clean, find the right ammo and it will work every time.


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Advantage Arms 22lr LE conversion is available for most Glock handguns. Cool Cop Gear stocks the LE version only as it looks exactly like the factory upper.

We can special order the Target model for you, factory turn around time is about 8 weeks on special orders

$319.00 Call to see if in stock

(Glock 26,27,33)  (Glock 19,23,32)  ( Glock 17,22,31,37)  (Glock20,21) (Glock 29,30)

1911SRightSidesmall.jpg (150x96 -- 3979 bytes)Advantage Arms 1911 Style  LE 22lr Conversions are available for full size 1911 handguns such as Kimber, Colt, Springfield etc.



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 Cop Gear's Midwest warehouse has on hand one of the largest Firearms Accessory inventories available to the Law enforcement professional and serious citizen. Our buyers are searching everyday for new "quality" accessories for your favorite firearm.  We not only stock all factory accessories, we are direct dealers for many of the firearms aftermarket accessory manufacturers. You will find the categories broken down into handgun accessories, shotgun accessories and AR15 accessories (Rifle Accessories). Beneath the categories you will find the manufacturers for each group of firearms accessories:  AR15 Accessories,  Handgun Accessories and Shotgun Accessories. You will find that Cool Cop Gear stocks one of the most comprehensive group of firearms accessories at fair prices with top of the line service.         



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