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The Uncle Mike's Kydex Belt Holster is a nice off duty holster to add to your police gear. The open top Kydex holster has proven to to very popular, where as the thumb break model has not. In fact we no longer stock the thumb break Kydex holsters. However Cool Cop Gear is always happy to special order any product you want. No matter if you are looking for Law Enforcement Equipment or a civilian concealed carry holster, take a look at the Uncle Mikes Kydex Belt Holster.

Uncle Mike's Kydex Belt Holsters

Kydex® Concealment Holsters

  • Never before have Kydex designs been made so readily available at such a lowkyexpaddlelarge.gif (200x276 -- 24229 bytes) cost

  • Kydex®, the long time choice of customer concealment holster makers, has always been made in small numbers. Generally heat formed and shaped from sheet stock, these holsters were labor intensive, costly and often inconsistent.

  • But, Michaels of Oregon will draw from its own injection molding capabilities to produce high quality, low cost Kydex® holsters with a level of detailing and quality unmatched by other methods.

Kydex® Belt Holster

  • An almost vertical "rake" allows for conventional "Behind-the-Hip" carry.

  • For some people and some applications, it can function as a "Crossdraw".

  • And, for smaller weapons it can be used as an "Appendix Carry" as well.

  • The lead edge of the body is cut down to aid presentation of the weapon: this means a faster draw through a more fluid motion.

  • To further assist the draw and to increase concealment of the weapon, the holster has been designed to ride close to the body and at a mid-level height.

  • The loop is designed to engage a wide variety of belt widths from 1" to 1 ¾".

    Sorry we no longer have Kydex Uncle Mikes Holsters

    Uncle Mikes Kydex  Belt Holsters    - Rumors have it that Uncle Mikes has dropped the line.

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