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Mech Tech Carbine conversions offers the only kit which converts a Glock handgun into a carbine without making it an NFA weapon. As the Mech Tech CCU system suggests the Glock owner can get creative and design a carbine system to suit their taste. The Mechtech carbine system is a group of accessories designed to enhance the mid range performance of the Glock handguns. The primary conversions is called the "Basic Unit" which a quick and easy replacement of the Glock handgun upper. Although the below image does not show the included Muzzle Break which is permanently attached to the 16" barrel. The Basic Mechtech conversion is not a firearm, therefore does not require any special federal licenses or Tax Stamps. The Basic CCU system features a mounted scope base which can be easily replaced with any of the Mech Tech sight rails. We offer the Mechtech Carbine conversion system in a Basic System,  Telescopic Stock and the new AR15 style collapsible stock system.

Mech Tech Mini-Quad Rail designed to fit the barrel of the CCU system.



Mini-rail adds three short rails ar the muzzle end of the Mech tech Mono-rail.



Mech Tech CCU system Monorail. Does not replace the factory handguard.



Mechtech quad rail handguard and full length picatinny rail replaces factory scope base and handgaurd.


Quad-rail System

5 3/4" long picatinny rail riser.


Long Riser

Short riser for Mech tech picatinny rail.



Froint and rear sight modules for Mech tech mono rail or quad rail.


Sight Modules

The Mech Tech Mono-Rail and Quad Rail will allow you to install an almost endless list of optics including Red Dot, Holographic and others. Sling rail mounts on barrel of the ech Tech conversion.


Sling Rail

Carry handle and front sight system.


Carry Handle Sight Kit

  Poly insert for Mechtech standard fixed stock.


Poly Stock Insert


We have recently added Eberlestock Special Ops Backpacks  our Midwest warehouse.

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